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brief review about the strategic management and the role of generic strategies. A description of the research method follows. The next two sections offer the findings obtained along with their discussions and a number of suggestions and implications for hotel managers. Finally, a summary of the main conclusions closes the paper. The Use of Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies in the Romanian
4 Performance Management: Literature Review 3 A Shift in Emphasis in Performance Appraisals Much literature has pointed to the problems with performance appraisals, which has led some commentators to call for abolition of the process or a renewed focus on the core elements of performance appraisal. For example, Coens and Jenkins based on their experience in North America recommended
literature on change and change management, little effort has been made to address and rectify the fears, concerns and expectations of these changes upon public sector employees. There is also limited evidence in the literature of the positive or negative aspects of change
Resource-based view in strategic management of public organizations – a review of the literature Operational risk associated with the strategy implementation The Intuitive Manager and the Concept of Strategic Leadership
In this paper attempt has been made to review the literature on Supply Chain Management. A literature review reveals a considerable spurt in research in theory and practice of SCM. We have presented a literature review for 29 research papers for the period between 2005 and 2011. The aim of this study was to provide an up-to-date and brief review of the SCM literature that was focused on …
Business Strategies and Gaps in Porter’S Typology: A Literature Review Kerem Sumer A number of typologies and taxonomies have been developed in the strategic management literature to categorize the strategies that an organization can pursue at the business level. This situation has brought about the need to manifest the relations between these typologies and taxonomies. Referring …
management as a specialty area of practice that works collaboratively with other specialities to optimise patient experience and outcomes and (3) continue to ensure care processes are founded on research related to the biopsychosocial view of pain.
undertakes strategic research, evaluations and research-based projects of national and international standing with a core interest to investigate health sector issues of policy, culture, systems, governance and leadership . Change management strategies and practice development in nursing: a review of the literature 1!! First published in 2011 by the Centre for Clinical Governance Research
2.0 Literature review Strategy implementation is the most complicated and time consuming part of strategic management and managers do not pay as much attention to the planning of …
project management, strategic management and sustainable development: a review of the literature introduction
Literature Review on Strategic Management with Emphasis on Porter’s Theories as Applied in Current Decision Making Abstract This review provides an overview of a few of the key topics that have defined the strategic management field since the later twentieth century.
a literature review of the strategy and strategic management concepts from a historical perspective is carried out. Afterwards, the phenomenography research is described and explained. The methodology adopted in the survey is presented in the next section. Subsequently, the collected data are analysed and our model is tested. The article ends up with final considerations and future recom

Aligning Alignment with Strategic Context A Literature Review
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2.2 Strategic Management in Construction 40 2.3 Literature in Indonesian construction enterprises 51 2.4 Summary of Literature Review 60
In that time, the Anglo-American strategic management approach to communication management has been tested against emerging perspectives afforded by technological change, globalisation and the emergence of postcolonial and critical theoretical approaches. This review of recent literature however, sourced in peer-reviewed journal articles published between 2005 and 2016, shows that public
It is suggested in the literature that strategic planning is a management tool that can help organizations adapt to these changing environments. The private sector, driven by a profit motive, has long recognized that a strategic fit
The term Strategic Management Accounting (SMA) has emerged in the accounting literature in the early eighties parallel with the development of strategic thinking in business (Simmonds, 1981).
2 the strategic management of innovation: a systematic review and paths for future research marcus matthias keupp, maximilian palmiÉ & oliver gassmann
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literature review Strategic management is the need of organization and also the ongoing debate in literature. Strategic management process is a tool that has been successfully used by …
Akkoyun, I and Dikbas, A (2008) Performance in construction: a literature review of research in construction management journals. In: Dainty, A (Ed) Procs 24th Annual ARCOM Conference, 1-3
What makes strategic management really different is the emphasis on managing the organisation through and by the strategic vision and the strategy, with the realisation that the soft issues in management may be more important in achieving this aim than the analytical
Artigo – 2013 – Guidelines for Changing Organizational Culture a Case Study in a Telecomunications Company
Literature Review On Business Strategy And Competitive
– A review of the management and psychological literature is undertaken, with particular focus on factors affecting strategic decision making. Findings – The literature review reveals that managerial cognition as well as individual and corporate values can have an impact on strategic decision making.
Aligning Alignment with Strategic Context: A Literature Review Kari Hiekkanen, Mika Helenius, Janne J. Korhonen, and Elisabete Patricio Aalto University, School of Science Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Otakaari 1, 02150 Espoo, Finland {firstname.lastname} Abstract The alignment of business and IT has been a persistent topic of discussion in the past decades. As
Managing High-Growth Firms: A literature review Karl Wennberg, Prof. individual entrepreneurs or the top management teams [TMTs] in HGFs). The review of 134 published studies between 1985 and 2013 reveals only 30 empirical studies with data on the founding entrepreneurs or TMTs of HGFs. Among the 30 studies, the review indicates that HGFs are more often founded and/or managed by a …
Literature Review and Set of Future Directions John M. Bryson1, Frances S. Berry2, and Kaifeng Yang2 Abstract Strategic planning and related strategic management elements have become ubiquitous practices at all levels of U.S. government and many nonprofit organizations over the past 25 years. The authors review strategic planning and management research over that time period using …
A literature review refers to those texts being used to review the key points of current knowledge and methodological approaches on a particular topic. (Vikipedia, 2010) I use literature review to
3 literature review 3.1 Articles review Rumelt (2003), stated that strategy discipline for many years has been lacking a clear definition of competitive advantage and a deep understanding of the influence of this construct on firm performance.
Kong, Eric (2007) A review of the strategic management literature: the importance of intellectual capital in the non-profit sector. In: 28th McMaster World Congress on Intellectual Capital and Innovation, 24-26 Jan 2007, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada .
advantage is an area of debate in the strategic management literature, but two streams of intellectual thought tend to dominate (Luke, Walston, & Plummer, 2003). One steam of literature, sometimes referred to as the market structure view (MSV),
While having its’ origins in strategic management, stakeholder theory has been applied to a number of fields of enquiry including corporate social responsibility (Clarkson 1995; Hillman and Keim 2001), education (McDaniel and Miskel 2002), environmental management (Jonker and Foster
George Steiner, a co-founder of the California Management Review, and author of the 1979 “bible,” Strategic Planning: What Every Manager Must Know , ob- served that there was little agreement on terms or definitions and confined his
OPERATIONS STRATEGY: A LITERATURE REVIEW 4 Operations Strategy: A Literature Review Increased globalization, constant improvement of information technology, and the evolving business environment has forced managers to take a strategic approach to operations (Hayes, Pisano, Upton, & Wheelwright, 2005). Operations strategy is defined as “the pattern of decisions which shape the long …
Synthesis of the Literature Review and Conclusion Competitive advantage of a product is closely connected to its value in the perception of the consumer (i.e. the customer value).
USING A DECISION-MAKING PROCESS MODEL IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Oriana-Helena NEGULESCU1 on literature review and own observations and experience. The model takes into account the decision-making process as a system and is a useful tool to managers in any field. Keywords: strategic management, decision making process, decision making process models, CDP …
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS IN SMALL AND MEDIUM SEIZED ENTERPRISES PhD Advisor: Professor Mihai NAGHI, PhD PhD Student: Oana Adriana GICĂ CLUJ-NAPOCA 2011 . 1 SUMMARY: TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of contents: Doctoral Thesis / 2 Keywords / 5 Introduction/5 Literature review / 7 Research methodology / 16 Data analysis and results interpretation / 18 … – literary theories in english literature pdf 3 contributions from Porter’s (1980) IO-based approach and the competitive dynamics literature will contribute to bridging gaps in the eclectic strategic management theory in order to offer
A review of the strategic management literature: the importance of intellectual capital in the non-profit sector
This paper proposes a literature review useful for evaluating different alignment approaches, with the aim of discovering similarity, maturity, capability to measure, model, asses and evolve the alignment level existing among business and technological assets of an enterprise. The proposed framework is applied to analyse the alignment research published in the Information & Management journal
A Literature Overview on Strategic Information Systems Planning Authors Dr. Alexander Teubner directs the activities of the Research Group on Strategic Information Management (RGSIM) at the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS), University of Muenster/Germany. Dr. Martin Mocker has been a Fellow of the RGSIM from 2004-2007. He is now a lecturer on IT and …
0 3 5 $ Munich Personal RePEc Archive Strategic Marketing. A literature review on de nitions, concepts and boundaries Jorge Mongay Autonomous University of …
Organisational Change Management : A rapid literature review In the current climate of economic pressure and evolving political priorities, organisational change within public bodies is becoming an increasing priority.
Trust Management: Literature Review joanna olga paliszkiewicz Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland The concept of trust has become popular in public debate and academic analysis. In high income countries this interest is asso-ciated with concern for the decline of trust in governments and professionals, and in developing countries has been prompted by debates around the motion of social
Papers will be reviewed following the regular Strategic Management Journal double-blind review process. After the second round of reviews, the authors of the most promising submissions will be
Elaborate a theoretical framework related to the strategic management of social responsibility. This last item of the specific objectives was included as a result of the literature review, which led the authors to formulate a theoretical framework of corporate social strategy that could be used in practise. To this end, a case study helped develop the framework, expanding the theoretical and
managers in the areas of strategy analysis and formulation in strategic management such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s generic strategies, portfolio models (Okumus, 2003, Wheelen and Hunger, 2012).
68-2 Major Elements and Issues in Performance Management System: A Literature Review Eul-Kyoo Bae Inha University Due to rapidly changing business environment, HRD practitioners are unprecedently demanded to actively
A review of the strategic management literature: The importance of intellectual capital in the non-profit sector . Abstract . Purpose – Very little systematic research has reviewed the applicability of
Innovation management: a literature review about the evolution and the different innovation models ID324.3 3 Findings 3.1 Technique one: publications analysis The 315 papers were published in 128 journals, which reinforce the multidisciplinary approach. In Table 1 it is listed all the publications per journal and per quartile and it shows that only six journals are responsible for the 43% of
The literature in strategic management and management accounting has suggested that firms should create proactive management practices that improve strategic risk-taking by preparing for the inherent uncertainty of strategic decisions (Priem, Rasheed, & Kotulic, 1995;
An evidence-based review of e-HRM and strategic human resource management Volume 23, Issue 1, March 2013, Pages 18-36 Janet H. Marler Sandra L. Fisher
A Review of the Research Literature on Management
Keywords: Literature review, strategic planning, SMEs, Australia, France INTRODUCTION In a benchmark paper Robinson and Pearce (1984) published a literature review and conceptual analysis of the nature of strategy and planning in small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Their paper posed a series of research questions relating to the value and process of planning for the small firm, as well as the
Literature Review On A Strategic Alliance Management Essay. Print Reference this . Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional academic writers. You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not
LITERATURE REVIEW ON STRATEGIC FIT AND PERFORMANCE OF PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES IN WESTERN KENYA strategic management research. Theoretical literature links strategic fit to desirable performance implications. Past studies have discovered poor performance in public universities in Kenya, suggesting inadequate strategic fit. Information on the role of strategic fit in performance …
variables for empirical research is based on the extensive literature review of existing studies with focus on strategic management tools and techniques as well as observations of studies with focus on the relation between strategic planning, strategic management tools and techniques and
Strategic thinking and decision making literature review
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